Things I’ve learned about life from playing solitaire.

Originally posted 9-30-09.

1- No matter how dire the setup looks, you don’t know what might be just around the corner that will change everything.

2- Sometimes it’s what you don’t notice that stops up the whole game.

3- Putting things in order isn’t easy when you get too tired and it all starts to blur together.

4- Turning your head cockeyed and relooking at the big picture out of the corner of your eye really does give you a whole new perspective.

5- Gridlock usually means you’re only thinking 2-dimensionally.

6- A person can feel pretty stupid trying to put black on black even when no one else is in the room.

7- No matter what you try, sometimes a game is just OVER, and no amount of obsessing and piddling will fix anything, so you may as well just let it go.

8- Easy games aren’t any fun after awhile.

9- Hard games are awesome until all you’re left with is having to redundantly click the rest of the piles into place, but redealing without finishing has a hollow feel to it, like an addiction.

10- In the end, you’re only playing against yourself, but how you play speaks volumes about you as a person.


About Janika Banks

Aspie, chicken herder, Lexx maven, writer.
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